LJ RSS feed ignores privacy settings?

I was just surfing the net trying to get RSS feeds. (I was using SharpReader, but it sucks! Kept crashing, authentication sucks, hard as hell to add feeds, etc.) RssReader works like a charm. Anyways, I noticed this interesting thing while surfing. I went to the livejournal webpage, and saw a Latest Posts rss feed. So I dragged it over and opened it in my reader, and started browsing the posts. I found one that seemed interesting, so I opened it and read the post. It had a few pictures and stuff, and was somewhat interesting. So, I try to open it in IE to check it out, and I saw, “You can not view this protected entry.” I was like, wtf! This persons entire journal was private except the standard you must be my friend to view this journal post. Quite interesting. Anyways, I guess if you want to see a persons posts, including their private ones, you only need to setup a program to monitor the feed and log everything by them. Kinda scary if you ask me.

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