Christmas came early!

Today was going pretty smooth, nothing big. Finished the company webpage, and I need to go fix some computers across base in a little bit. Just another boring day.. or so I thought.

I got a package in the mail from Milpitas, California. I was like, who the hell? Maybe l8nite, or Stu? But they’re not in Milpitas. I never even heard that name before. So I open it up and it is packed FULL of DVD’s! Anime galore! Someone from animesuki fulfilled my dream! 34 DVD’s, and one cd with D&D books. Also two sets of nice looking dice. I could almost cry!

Now, my only problem is trying to figure out how you return such an awesome favor! I have to do something, but what? *think think think*

Maybe I’ll think while watching anime. Lots and lots of anime…..

Today rocks!

As a sidenote, we have a 1.42 TB server… it’s half full. Lets see how it stands after.
Currently: 716GB used. 747 GB free. I’ll update you after the big transfer. 🙂

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