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Well, works been good. It’s actually strange to have the Captain, LT and the Chief talk to me with respect… It’s refreshing for sure. The webpage is coming along. I still need to find out if they allow ASP scripting or any of the like. (If so I’ll just create a ASP driving photo album.) Too bad we have some contract with M$, because I would much rather do it in PHP.

Lets see… I started a Roleplaying Group here, and it’s been going pretty good. I’m still having difficulty getting used to D&D 3.5 rules, and I still prefer GURPS over D&D, but it’s all good. At least it’s something, ne? I’ve been the DM as well… do you fear god? Ever since I’ve started using linux, I’ve feared root, but not god.. go figure.

Anyways… what’s new… Still haven’t heard about me flying up to the other base… we’re still working on it. Maybe soon.

Also, I posted on the forums at asking for people to send ‘donations’ of anime to me. If anyone else wants to help, please go ahead. Everything I get goes on the ‘morale’ drive and lots of other people will be happy as well. So, send me anime! (Yes, James, You can send me Korean films too. They’ll find their way up on the network drive too.) =^..^=

Tina has been around alot. (Since we have the CGI::IRC verison of the irc client, I can still get on topgamers and chat.) I’ve been talking with her and that’s been nice. She’s been fencing alot! She’s going to kick my ass when I get home, I can just see it now. Doh! But hey, nobody can deny that a girl with a sword is sexy! w00t! I miss her alot, but it’s nice to be able to talk with her at least daily. She sends me videos too… those are always a nice treat. ^_^;;

Oh yea, if anyone else wants to say hi, either use MIRC or XCHAT to login to, or go to the cgi page here and use the web version. I’m in the #topgamers channel if I’m on under my usual name.

Annoyances… I utter this because it’s really getting on my nerves… I should be glad that I have the internet at all, right… but when it takes forever to download one page, or like 10 tries to get a picture loaded up, it bothers me. I’ve been trying to upload pictures to some space (since they block ftp an ssh and whatever else you can think of I can’t put them on my server…) but most free web hosting places are down. Brinkster is hard to use with such a slow connection, but I finally did get some pictures up.

In case you’ve never seen a connex before (sometimes called Sea-Land containers), it’s a big metal container. It’s a rectangle… and this is the inside of it. It’s not exactly the cleanest of places, but when you have two guys living, and one of them working out of it… stuff just gets out of place. My roommate sleeps on the bed at the end of the room, while I sleep on the bed to the left there. I actually spent money to buy sheets, so it’s not that bad. I just need a blanket now. The tv doesn’t work right since the dvd portion doesn’t read dvd’s anymore, and there aren’t any local channels to begin with. Everything you see was built by us with the exception of the beds. Those were stolen from the army. 😉

This is the same room from the other side. The door was built when we took it over, but we’re going to tear it out and rebuild it. It’s crooked and doesn’t shut right. All the lights you see, the AC unit, and all the electricity was put in by me. Took me a day to wire everything in, but it works great now. We have one 220 plug that goes to a powerstrip.. that goes to a 220->110 converter that goes to another powerstrip. My fan is 220, and the computer/my mp3 player/and whatever else are all 110. A piece of 550 cord makes our clothesline for hanging our towels on to keep them out of the sand. The computer on the right is where I type/work/etc. Also, that’s my M4 by the door. To the left of that behind the mosquito netting is my body armor, and bags in case I go on a convoy. I’ll have to post a pic of me in my body armor later… maybe with a granade and a 50cal… or something like that.

This is the outside of our connex. The camo stuff is to keep the sun off the connex. With the camo-netting, and some boards we used to create a roof and sudo-walls, it can get relatively cool in here. Before we put that up… we roasted. Nothing like being stuck in a metal box when it’s 120-140 outside. Under the netting are big square ‘buckets’ of sand. They’re about 4’x4′ and are there in case a mortar hits in the yard. The back of the connex is sandbagged as well.

Yet another view of our front door. Nothing special. This side has more connexes right next to it so that’s why it’s not sandbagged.

This is a picture of our yard. All those trucks are our 2.5/5tons. Some of them are our guntrucks. (It’s hard to tell from a distance, but some of them are armored and have gun-mounts. That’s what I see when I look out my door. 🙂

Welp, hope that was a good enough post for everyone. Have a good day. 🙂


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