Another blink, another breath, another night, another mess

Actually, things aren’t too bad right now. Aside from friends disowning me… You know who you are! Anyway…

Today’s been pretty quiet. I teach my class on Tuesdays, work nights on weekends (which screws up my sleeping schedule mind ya..) and generally don’t do much else. Works been going well. I have the webpage almost complete, and almost have all the users entered into the system. (The suspense on that was last friday, but some people don’t care about deadlines…) Email system is running. Yea..

So, in other words, soon there might not be much for me to do. I better think of a new project soon! Aigh!

One of the worst parts of this base is there isn’t much to do… or better yet, nobody to do it with. Most of my friends work strange hours, if they’re here. Normally they’re on a convoy or just so tired from the last one that they don’t want to do anything. I’ve been trying to hang out with people on base, but I don’t know many air force people, and those I do know don’t have the time for me. I guess it’s good that I like my job, since there isn’t anything else. I guess I can get used to going to see movies alone, but generally that’s the time Tina is on, and I prefer to talk to her. Such is the life…

If I haven’t mentioned this yet, we have a Pizza Hut and Burger King on base now. I’ve eaten there a few times already. SGT Smith and I went to eat some pizza last night after my class. It’s good stuff. A nice reminder of home anyways. Even without that, the chow hall food is excellent… when they don’t burn it anyways. I hear it said almost everywhere that the military pays $26 a plate for chall hall food. I guess that would explain why we have steak and lobster all the time. Still, you’d think for that much they wouldn’t burn it as much. And then again, you know what they say about rumors…

Can anything think of a good project for me to take on? Even a nice personal one. I guess I could do a webpage, but I would only be able to update it when I go teach my class. (The education center here has an awsome network, and it’s army so no stupid proxy/firewall to work with. I’m also thinking of doing something in C++, but I’m not sure what yet. If you have any good suggestions, let me know.

Oh yea, and a virus to DDOS the NOSC is not a good idea. So don’t even mention it. Thank you. 🙂

Have to go do my PT… TTYL


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