A convo with durrem

Here’s the correspondence I had with durrem, the guy who sent me all those dvd’s.

I wrote this:

Hey Damian,
Thanks for all the stuff!  I got the package and was like, “who is
this?”   Either way, I was expecting maybe one or two DVD’s, and you
went well beyond that.  You have my eternal gratitude.  Do you want me
to send anything back to help offset the cost of this?  A picture of a
group of us with “Thanks Damian” on the wall or something?  Let me
know.  I always like to try and return the favor.

Thanks again and I’ll stay safe.  You do the same.

Matthew Jones
Camp Anaconda, Balad, Iraq.

He wrote back:

Actually, you made my day by getting it.  I was really
worried after coming back from the post office that
you wouldn’t get the package.  After I filled out the
customs form I had an interesting conversation with
the post lady (to paraphrase):

Her: So, hmm, what’s on these disks?
Me: Er, (pause), TV shows.
Her: Regular TV shows?
Me: Yeah
Her: Because they’re really strict there.  They don’t
want anything like Girls Gone Wild.  There’s nothing
there like that right?
Me: (Thinks about Ikkitousen, Lies) Um, no.
Then she checks the computer for like 5 minutes
Her: Well, it doesn’t specifically forbid dice… I
wonder if it is ok.
Me: Well, if it doesn’t go through they’ll just return
it.  No big deal.

Anyway, I’m not expecting anything back.  I can’t
really think of anything that I would want.  I had the
day off and ran off a copy of a bunch of DVDs I had
burned off of my hard drive (Well, except for the
Naruto, Gungrave and Angelic Layer, the first of which
isn’t done yet and the second and third of which I
haven’t actually watched yet).  I’m sorry for all the
clutter on the disks… I just tend to throw anything
I download relating to an anime onto the disk.  And
don’t worry about the DVDs.  They’re the cheapie ones
from Frys for 29 cents each.  I’m more worried that
any of them failed in the heat.  Let me know if I need
to resend any of them.

Oh, and those dice are “combat dice.”  I read in
Knights of the Dinner Table that dice are at a premium
and get lost very easily in Iraq, so don’t worry if
you lose any of them.  That’s what they’re there for

(Oh, and for some reason I put the 14th on the note.
I don’t know why I did that.  As soon as I sealed the
package I realized it was the 19th, heh)


PS, you can post this on the livejournal if you want.

Good stuff. I just watched part of Ikki tousen just to see if it was server safe… and you know what… It’s power by GENTOO!

Seriously! Here are some screen shots to prove it.

Here are the screen shots:

From what I’ve taken, the “gentoo” crystal is a crystal that gives the wearer fighting powers from warriors in a prior age. Most people wear them as earrings. I want my own gentoo fighting crystal!
Whee! I want!

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