Sometimes I don’t know why I try…

Well, unless you’ve been totally out of it, you know how excited I was to be given the Workgroup Manager (WM) (Administrator) position for the company. I spent almost the entire day today working to get the computers set up and have alot more work to do. However, tonight AFTER doing all this work AND staying late because we had a 3 hour alarm red that kept me late, someone came up and told me that he was told he’s the primary WM and I’m just the alternate. If this is true, I guess I stay doing my stupid job while someone else does all the fun stuff. I find this strange since I already have my login, already know exactly whats happening, and I’ve already worked my ass off and this new guy is like, “Is there a class on it or something?” Well, no.. there is no class… *grr* I’m hoping the guy was on crack or something, because if I don’t get my job changed over I’m giving up on the rest. The webpage and everything else can be his job. I’m not going to do it on my own time if they’re not going to at least give me a decent job. *sigh*

So much for my dream job.

Anyways… we’ll see what happens. As it is, I’m ‘stealing’ internet from the air force right now since they told me I have to wait until next week to get the computers on the domain. Silly little air force guys don’t know how to block non-domain computers from the proxies. Their bad. They shouldn’t have told me to wait I guess. At their convenience never seems to be convenient for us.

My C++ books finally came into the education office. w00t! And the Major is putting me in for an award. We’ll see how that works out as well. 🙂

Well… anyways.. I wrote a poem while waiting for all clear today.
Want to read it?

The fires of Heaven burn in righteous wrath
  And the devils in hell cackle in menacing glee
Taken away was the freedom to live
  Stolen away was the right to be free

Left to their fate man stand alone
  Unity a dream left to fiction
Even those who swore to fight
  Have sworn to a hopeless mission

Only time will tell if the might of few
  Will stand against a foe so strong
Only humans work to destroy themselves
  In a world they don't belong

Thats it for now…
Take care,

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