Not much has happened… still playing bitchboy at work. It wears me out so much that most the time when I’m finished, I just want to sit down and do nothing. It’s not even the work itself, it’s just lowering myself to be a bitch…. to doing menial work and let every skill I have be wasted. Not that I’m not used to that with my normal job, mind you, but at least there they don’t play on the fact that I’m the bitchboy. And at least at home station I can do stuff on the computer during my offtime.. here I just sit on my ass and do nothing. It sucks.

Anyways, I have pictures for your viewing pleasure. since I only get a few mins online, and time is already up I can’t really explain them but here they are. Quickly, there are pics of the watchtower I did guard duty at… my work (the big structures that look like cement domes) and the tents and stuff. I’ll explain more later when (if) I get more time.

Lastly, I went to see the “Comics on Duty World Tour” tonight. It was pretty good. The comics were Jim Labriola, Drake Witham, Nathan Timmel, Curtis Fortier, and Danny Bevins. My favorite line was “Drinking near-beer [the non-alcoholic beer they have here] is like going down on a blowup-doll.” It was all pretty funny though. I had a good night. Anyways, that about does the time I’m given on the computers, and I need to be awake in seven hours so I need to get some sleep. Three days until my birthday, and prob more until my next day off. Wish me luck.

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