Happy Birthday to Me!

I pretty much gave up on doing this everyday… sometimes it’s just too hard to get on a computer for long enough to form a coherent journal entry, and other times I’m so worn out by being over here that I just don’t feel up to writing anything. Of the new stuff, my class is now formed and it will start Sept 14th at 6pm-8pm. Twice a week (tuesday and thursday) and right now I have no clue how it’s going to go. 🙂 It’s ok though, that’s why I gave myself two weeks. The books should be in soon.

As for today… I watched King Arthur last night (Fairly good movie) that kept me up late, so I didn’t wake up early enough to get breakfast before work. It turned out that it didn’t matter since when I got to work the generator was down, leaving us with no power to work. So, we decided to go get some breakfast. After that, the generator was still down with no sign of being restored… So… we went home. 🙂 I went back to my tent, changed into PT clothes, and then fell asleep… I slept for a few hours, woke up, took a shower and stuff… and then went to the Air Force side to do laundry. While waiting, I played alot of counterstrike, and read my book. One nice thing about today was that the Air Force had a nice little party over there, featuring bbq steak/chicken/hotdogs/hamburgers with cake and stuff. I told my friends it was for my birthday… I don’t think they believed me. Oh well.

After that I walked over here. I was listening to my music and carrying a pretty heavy bag of clothes on my back.. not to mention my rifle, and despite that, I was having a pretty nice walk back. I basically willed myself to have a good day. I had a good spring to my step and I was smiling as I thought about Tina and my friends back home. Good music and good memories can always bring cheer, I believe. (I even missed my turn by not paying attention, and had to backtrack to get here… sheesh!) And now I get to talk and see Tina, Clint and a few other friends, so that’s nice. I wish some of my other friends would come online, but I think that would be too much to ask. Sadly…

In other news.. fifty cent is coming here next week. If I was into that rap stuff, I’m told it would be really cool to go to that… but since I’m not, I don’t really care. Now… if Ayumi came…

Anyways… tomorrow is my real day off, so I’m going to spend most the night talking to family and friends before going to sleep. Thanks for all the Happy Birthday messages and stuff as well. It was nice.

Anyways, take care all!

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