For better or worst…

… I’m stuck in Iraq. The worst? My “supervisor” going to my subordinates telling them that he thinks I’m lazy and they need to watch me and make sure I keep working. He won’t talk to me, he just tells those under me… Why does he think I’m lazy? Because I told one of the guys to do something, and the guy said, “No, I’ll do this instead.” and walked off. So, now after ignoring me, I go inside to talk to my supervisor about this, and he’s not there… So I grab a drink from the fridge and wait for him to come back. After about two minutes, he arrives saying, “Jones, why arn’t you out helping him?!?”
I said, “Because, I…”
He said, “Just go do it.”
I said, “Sir, I…”
He said, “Don’t argue with me, JUST GO DO IT!”
I said, “Yes, SIR!” and walked out, very angry.

So now I skip him totally, which seems fine since he skips me too. He’ll tell the A1C’s below me what to do and I tell the TSgt above him what I’m doing and ask him for more to do. It seems to work out better this way. And actually, today was a pretty good day. I spent it all in the sun roasting, but I was able to play with fire! I used a torch to cut metal, welded stuff together and made some armor for the trucks. (We had an Army truck hit and a soldier died…) I enjoy building and being creative. Oh yea, and the fire! *laugh*

As for the good: Well, doing armor and stuff is good. Also, I moved tents. Went from the tiny area to a nice big one. (We moved tents and there are only like six of us in the new 40 man tent.) I also reclaimed a air conditioner unit. So I stay cool. (Some nights too cool, but it’s all good.)

Also, my class starts on Tuesday. I was kinda stupid and choose 6-8 for my class times when the chow hall is only open from 5:30-8:30. I might change the hours after the first class to accommodate this.

Anyways… I’m pretty tired… I was up late moving stuff and talking to my lovely wife. 🙂 So, take care and say hi! Write me or something!
Until later,

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