For better or worst…

Well, I guess we’ll see if worst comes to be or not, because things might be getting alot better!

We have a new supervisor… again… and the first thing we were told was, “Ok, no more days off since this is a 7 day a week operation… and you’ll be working later at nights.” None of us liked this, however, today we were told by another of our supervisors that we’ll come in an hour later and work a 10 hour shift. So we work a little longer now but we still keep our days off. As long as I get a day off I’ll live. And I’ll still get off to teach my class. So that’s good.

Also, I found out something today that I like very much. The air force doesn’t know what they’re doing, because their giving me the power to become my alter ego…


Yea, so, I’ll be like in charge of all the computers in the company. I’ll have the super l33t password that will let me check everyones email and.. er.. stuff like that. But, of course, I would never abuse my power… Right??? Anyways, they’re also putting in the cat5 lines to the shop so hopefully I’ll be able to use the computers there. Soon we’ll see.

Other than that I guess nothing else is up. I keep meaning to take pictures of the metal table I cut and welded together, but things keep me busy or without my camera. I’m pretty proud of it. I also found out that they’re logging the training on my AF training forms. I’m not sure what that means, really (since we don’t really weld in the shop back home) but hey, who knows.

Anyways, Take care all and I’ll write more later. Buhbye!

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