Ok.. Some interesting stuff. (We’re supposed to wait 24 hours before we talk about some stuff… I don’t always obey this rule, but due to circumstance, this time I did.)

On 11 Sept, we were attacked pretty bad. I started calling it the September 11th fireworks. Of the worst that I heard of was one landing right in the middle of the air force tents. We only had one person hurt from what I heard, but he was hurt really bad… (Bad enough that they were getting people from everywhere down there to give blood. I’m not O- so I couldn’t help.) At the time it happened, I was over at the Air Force clinic with a guy who was feeling sick… While I was sitting outside we heard the rocket fly overhead and explode. You get a really hollow feeling in your heart when you hear that. As the alarms went off we went inside the clinic and that’s where we heard about it striking the AF side and the injury. I felt helpless since all the medics were rushing around, throwing on gear and getting ready to go help, and all I could do was sit there. I think the worst feeling is knowing someone needs help and you just have to wait and let others help them since you lack the means or ability to do so.

I didn’t know who he was, since we aren’t stationed with the Air Force, but I feel bad for him and hope he recovers and can grow with his loss. I guess I should feel lucky that I’m stationed in a place that hardly ever gets mortared… I don’t know…

Anyways, as for the Defcon Delta… I’m not sure exactly why we’re in it… I heard rumors ranging from Baghdad getting attacked pretty bad to protests going on down there. Either way, we’re in full battle rattle everywhere we go now. And everything is closed. (Which really sucks since today’s my day off…) I was going to see a movie, but nope. PX is closed, as are all the computer tents. The Air Force has even closed their gates to everyone who doesn’t live there. Only place I can go now is the education center… it’s a good thing I teach as it gives me free reign to the computers here. (On that note.. my class starts tomorrow… scary!)

Well.. that’s about it. If you didnt’ guess by now, I do get days off… it was just a while for our supervisor to tell us. We work 10 hour days now as well. I also don’t get any time to work on armoring any of the vehicles or anything like that, sadly enough. Maybe things will change since convoys are forbidden to move for now. Maybe I’ll get some free-time at work. Lets see.

Until Later

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