Avast! ’tis time once again for ye ole Talk like a Pirate Day. (Pointed out by there ole scurvy dog, insomnia) Tis t’19th o’September once again, aye!

Today wasn’t too bad. Me thinks me’ve secured me position as WGM as well. I’m nay even called Equipment Support anymo’. Me guess that’s a good thin’. Me found lots o’ cool stuff on t’ lan as well. They actually have a computer (called t’ morale computer) that be full o’ mp3s, video games, movies, and music videos. I can ‘work’ while watchin’ dodgeball or somethin’ now. W00t… er.. um.. Arrrr!

They’ve been switchin’ t’ network here over t’ a new one, so I haven’t been able t’ add any other computers t’ t’ network (other than me own for admin purposes), and this ought ta be all finished by Monday. So, I’m takin’ tomorrow off and expect t’ be pretty busy come Monday. Tis t’ way o’ life, me believe. It’s all good however, I like computers. Too bad I canna get on messenger… damn proxy and all. Still, me be admin, so everythin’ else goes 😉

What else… I’m over on t’ air force side now doin’ laundry, and once it’s dry I’m headin’ over t’ t’ MWR computer tents t’ talk t’ swabbies online. I’ll prob be on most t’ night.

I find that I miss me beauty back in yonder states. Ne’er a wench t’make me prouder! Twould brin’a tear t’me were I not so fierce, yarr! Tis a pitty. I also miss me other bildge rats whom I talk t’far less than I would like. So, find me an’speak up before I skewer ye smartly! Ye hear?

Yarr.. Tis time to be off over yonder. ‘for I go, take heed! I miss ye all, and hope for the best… “Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”
Pirate Strider

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