A new home.

Sadly, it appears that I won’t be getting my own connex, but I am sharing one with a guy who’s pretty cool. He works nights and I work (generally) days. We have the same interests so I guess we’ll get along pretty well. I’m going to try and get a computer out there as soon as possible so soon I should be around more often. Also, I’ll be put in charge of the webpage, and that will kick ass.

Works been good. Everyone is saying good things about me since I got the network up and running smoothly so quickly. It’s nice having a job that I’m really good at and that shows it’s progress so clearly. Also, since people wanted the internet so much, being the man to give it to them gave me lots of kudos. And Tina’s always happy that I’m doing something that doesn’t involve convoys.

Last night, I spent the entire night upgrading systems, doing virus scans, adaware scans, and various other things. (Including changing a few admin passwords… that sucked! Stupid A drive didn’t work so my linux boot disk had to be burned to a cd using the image as a boot image… at least it worked. 🙂 What was going to be a 12 hour night turned into a 16 hour shift. I’m not complaining though. I was able to talk online to Tina, and that was nice. More people need to get AIM. (AIM is the only IM program that has a java/etc version. The actual applications don’t work through the proxy.) So get on aim and talk to me! (I use the same username I use for lj)

Anyways, it’s like almost 7am… and I’m tired. So, have a good day and I’ll see ya later.

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