A bad dream… (Exerpt from my role playing group)

I’m involved in a role playing group on yahoo groups, and I wrote this just to pass the time. (Basically, I was bored waiting for others to do something to let me continue…) The background is that Strider is a thief who has a deep need to find something but doesn’t know what… only that it’s to the west. He needs to cross an ocean so he jumps onto a ship. (He enters a room through a window…) Anyways, while in this room, someone bumps against the door and he tries to dive under the bed… that’s built into the ship. He hits, head first, and is knocked out.

Since he can’t do much while knocked out.. he dreamed… and here it is:

Strider floated in black nothingness, unable to remember if this is
how life has always been or if something was strangely, horribly
wrong. He could feel his body below where he felt his eyes should
be staring out, but saw only inky blackness. Laughter seared his
ears, and slowly he saw a figure emerge from the dark. The figure
was of a lady he had never seen before. Her eyes were dark and
menacing in the center of a porcelain face that was framed by pitch
black hair that almost made her face appear to float disembodied
above the long graceful body below it. Her full blood red lips
moved just slightly as the laughter continued. Her body was
graceful and delicate, with long legs that ended with feet that
pointed down enhancing the appearance that she was floating in
nothingness. Her slender arms were spread out to either side of her
body, palms face up. She wore black dress that clung tight to her
body revealing her every curve and left little more to the
imagination. Lace spider-webbed down her arms and up to her neck.
She looked like a goddess of pure evil.
As she floated closer, lightening started to dance along her arms,
starting from her fingers and moving up until both her arms were
crackling with the dangerous energy. Suddenly, the laughter ceased
leaving silence ringing loudly in his ears. Words shattered the
silence just as quickly as it had came. “You come too far, my dear,
much too far. If I were you, I would go back to your little forest
while your heart still beats.”
With that she pointed both hands toward him and the lightening
flashed and arced toward him. His vision wavered and was loss in
the explosion of pain that shot through his body. Everything melted
away until nothing existed but pain.

Strider, still unconscious on the floor of an unknown room, screamed
and writhed, unable to wake. The smell of burning flesh filled the
room as small electrical burns formed on his arms and chest.

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