Welp, yet another day has gone by. Here I sit listening to my music and trying to enjoy the night. Tonight was much better than last night, I’ll give it that. Last night I was sick.. very sick.. It was prob something I ate. I felt fine, taught my class (which was allright… had a only four people, but I think that’s because the rest thought the class was canceled because of Defcon Delta…) But oh well.. after class I ate and got a terrible headache… it sucked.. good thing there was a garbage can close by… πŸ™ Anyways, after a good shower and sleep, I felt fine. As of news… we’re back into Defcon Charlie, so the px and stuff opened again. I took the ‘class’ that gave me Workgroup Manager (admin) for my shop. Hopefully COM will get the network up so I can start playing around. The last couple days have been pretty quiet, thank god. Mortar attacks have been at a minimum. I bought a few CD’s, that I like. Offspring, Splinter cost me a whole $2, and Godsmack, Faceless. (I like Serenity.) The offspring one has a couple very strange mp3s on it that I guess make sense when you view it in the computer… but since my mp3 plays them just as happily as the cda files, it let me to thinking I was jypped, but it’s the real cd. πŸ™‚ Hit That is good too πŸ™‚

Anyways, that’s my quick update. Sorry it’s so broken up. My mind hasn’t been on that writing wavelength where it normally is. I’ll hopefully have more to write about later.

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