Yup, I’m the bitch… and a crazy bitch at that…

Work has been draining me so much I almost don’t want to do anything else… It’s not that the job is really hard or anything… it’s just that they treat me like I’m nobody. Yesterday was full of “Jones, go clean that up.” and “Jones, there’s grease on the ground, what you trying to do? Kill me? Clean it up!” and “Go clean out that car.” It’s pretty degrading. Today, I had to clean a hummer for four hours… in the desert… a hummer…

But.. wait! Get this.. here is the best part!

Are you ready???

The Senior Master Sargent came up and asked, “Do you feel like a bitch?” Now, you can’t really answer a question like that… so the other guy and I just stared at him dumbly. Then he said, “Because I would! Now, get back to work.”

So, yup… truely the bitch boy. As for the crazy part… a friend of mine told me that he heard the reason they weren’t putting me on convoys is because they think I’m crazy. I might shoot someone or something. Oh, big scary me! Better watch out! *heh* This is from someone who doesn’t even like guns.

Anyways… yesterday I called Tina and then went to sleep… today I decided to come online and say hi. Where is everybody?

At least the education office likes me here. 🙂 They’re going to ask to see if I can take a more permanent position here. That would be cool. Also, they’re looking to get my the calc classes I need for AECP. Maybe I can still apply. We’ll see.

Welp, Take care all… I’ll try to not shoot anyone..

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