Yet another uneventful day

Today I honestly didn’t do anything. Woke up for lunch, read my book, wrote a letter, sat around, went to dinner, sat around some more, went outside and laid on a bunker and watched the stars for a hour or so and then came here to check my email and update this. (It’s funny how I update this often when I don’t have anyone I really care about around…) Now I’m going to go back and either read or just take a shower and sleep until morning.

I do have guard duty again starting tomorrow, however the time has changed to 8pm-midnight. It should be nicer to be in the cool weather and stuff, also the night vision goggles are pretty cool. I guess I’ll see how the towers are at night tomorrow. I’ll let ya know.

We were only mortared once today, so maybe the bad guys are running out and they’re pacing themself. 😉 Hopefully OSI (like the military fbi) catch them soon and ends this annoyance.

Anyways, I’m going to go take off. I think a shower sounds good since I’m really dusty… it goes with the territory I guess.
Take care all,

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