Yet another day in hells kitchen.

Welp, it was another hot one. 130 in the shade is the normal out here. (I’m not sure what it was exactly today…) It gets so hot that you’ll wake up and your clothes will be stuck to you with sweat. The air conditioners just can’t deal with it. My air conditioner leaks too, and it’s annoying. I made a little catch thing with a waterbottle, but it fills up when I’m out…

*sigh* Power just went out so I need to go. 🙁 I’ll come back and finish this in a bit…. Ok I followed an army guy out here and learned of a new tent where I can use the computers. These ones are pretty sweet with webcams and stuff, so if anyone wants to see me, get on messanger and say hi! Also, another plus, they don’t have that stupid we-blocker software here, so I can actually read journals of people who use those evil evil words! *heh*

Oh yea, before I forget… I added some people to my list. People who added be basically. So yea, welcome and stuff. I hope I don’t disappoint you with my drivel. 😉

Anyways, so back to the story… I had guard duty from 8pm-midnight. It rocked! First of all, NVG’s (or Night Vision Goggles for you) are awesome! I have got to pick me up a pair when I get home. There’s nothing like being able to see in the dark. You can see every star in the sky with those, and it makes the night wonderfly beautiful. (Even if everything is green…) Secondly, Iraq won a soccer game tonight, so everyone was shooting into the air, and it’s kinda pretty watching all those tracers fly into the air. (Looks like red fireworks almost.) And besides, it’s always better when they’re not shooting AT YOU! You might understand. 🙂

Lets see, we were mortared twice today… well one right after midnight so I guess one yesterday and one today… Both were a good distance away from our tents, so it’s all good.

Tomorrow I don’t have guard duty (big w00t!) since the army does it during my shift so I think I’m going to go over to the air force side of the base and play CounterStrike for a while. No good movies are playing right now, and there isn’t much else to do. (I’ve almost read the book I’m on, and I started it couple days ago… argh!) Also, now that I know about this tent I might come here more often to show of my new tan.. er burn… and stuff. *strut* We’ll see.

Um.. Well, that’s my chapter for today. People need to get on messanger with webcams and wave to me. I need a good hug! (I need to order my wife to get a webcam… hmm.. yes, I think I will…)

Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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