The end of the first week

Welp, my one week of guard-tower duty has just ended… or is it begun? Well, it seems that they signed me up to do it again. My shift now is from 4pm-8pm. I guess it’s not bad (it’s not the noon shift) but no more nvg’s… I guess I can draw little pictures while making sure nobody sneaks up on us to cause trouble or something. Our tower never gets any action at all. The best we had today was a bunch of red tracers being shot into the air out in the city because Iraq won some olympic soccer game. (Those are pretty!) But yea… we did have someone mortar us while I was on duty, but I didn’t see or hear it…

And I know what your thinking… quiet is better, and yes, I guess it would be, but it gets so boring!

Well yea.. so aside from the mortar on my shift, I think we had one earlier while I was asleep… I think I slept through the whole thing so I can’t say too much about it. Otherwise, here I am. I’m at the big computer tent since the one next to my tent is closed. Oh well, I wanted to get some drinks anyways.. and that reminds me.

The group that we’re replacing, since they’re leaving and don’t need all their stuff anymore, gave alot of it away. So I now own a nice dresser, a nice folding chair, a cooler, and a air mattress. Anyways, I’m sure you can see how useful those items will be. (Especially the cooler! And a mattress! And the dresser really help me organize! W00t!)

What else… Tina has internet so I get to webcam with her… well, she looks at me, and I dream of her since she doesn’t have a webcam yet. I started talking to kurichan just because she had a japanese sounding name.. but she’s cool and all. She’s like to say Nyaa too. Cool, ne? Um.. yea.. I don’t know what else to talk about… I’m going to go buy some drinks, walk back and get ready for my formation in the morning… damn guard tower 😛

Take care all, and have awesome dreams! I like nice dreams…
Erm.. yea… ok..

P.S. I think I’m eating too much sugar or something………..

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