Problems in Iraq

I wrote this once and the internet ate it… I’ll try to write it again.

The worst part about being in Iraq is not being there for people back home. I can handle being shot at… I can handle the chance of being blown up by a mortar or an IED. But it’s hard to handle my wife crying. Not here. Not where I can’t do anything for her. I could talk, but that doesn’t seem to help her much. I love her more than anything, but if anything kills me here, it’ll prob be from worry for her. I protect myself from bullets and explosions… I can’t protect my heart from seeing her cry though… 🙁 That’s the most painful thing about being in Iraq.

Besides that… nothing happened at guard duty. (Nothing at all…) And when I came back to my tent, I took a shower, changed, and came here. Now I’m prob going to go back and go to sleep. I was going to go write letters for people, but I think it’s too late now. I need to get up early and go to alterations to get SrA stripes sewn on more of my uniforms.

Also, I have an appointment with the major and the ‘other teachers’ on thursday to talk about teaching the Computer Science course here. We’ll see how that goes. (If they’ll take me since I’ll be driving convoys and won’t always be here.) We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be put on something besides convoys and be allowed to teach.)

We were attacked three times today… I think they’re getting worst. 🙁 Hopefully it’ll start to cool down again, but with the elections drawing ever nearer, I doubt it.

So anyways, that’s my day. Can it get any more boring? Well, I shouldn’t say that. With the computers working only half the time, it prob could.

Until later then,

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