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Some of the people out here have a online roleplaying group. I decided to drop in every now and then, so I created my character. If you want, you can check it out.

NAME: Strider
AGE: Appears to be around 24
RACE: As human as any other you’ve seen
Strider is a smaller than average (about 5’8″) man who always looks like he’s half starved. He wears black tight fitting leather armor that proclaims his profession almost as well as the lockpicks and daggers he seems to make appear from nowhere. Beneath the cowl of his cloak, you see deep blue eyes that are always roving the area around him, never standing still for but a brief moment. His face is clean shaven, and quite unremarkable. His always ready nature give him the appearance that he’s seen alot for one so young, and still isn’t used to the cruelties of the world.
WEAPONS: Daggers seem to appear from everywhere when he deems them required, but otherwise, he appears to have no weapons.
ARMOR: He wears black tight fitting leather armor that has been well oiled to stay quiet. He wears leather moccasins, and a black cape with a cowl that works very well at keeping his face hidden. Only jewelery he wears is a plain silver ring.
MAGIC: To those with mage sight (or those who can see magical items) his ring appears blue. If you’re around him while he picks locks, you can learn that the ring glows if the lock is magically protected. It doesn’t appear to be a powerful ring.
BIO: He doesn’t talk much about his past, and when questioned, the quick can see a flash of … fear? pain? something else? flash across his eyes. He is very quick, and works his wares very well… yet appears lost when confronted with some normal everyday things. He appears almost in a panic when a girl shows any sort of fondness toward him. He sits alone when he can, and very rarely accepts the company of many for a long time. He is driven by a passion to do something, which none have figured out yet. Perhaps not even himself.

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