Guard Duty

I’ve been put on Guard Duty for a week or so. It’s not a bad job imho. Basically I sit in the towers surrounding the base and make sure nobody tries to sneak in and stuff. It’s four hour shifts and all so I get lots of free time… not that there is much to do around here in our free time. Spend my time walking around, reading my books, or here writing on this thing.

I just found out my little brother will be stationed in Falujah… It’s supposed to be a pretty bad area (We drive through it and we’re pretty wary when we do.) I just hope he’ll be ok. From what I hear they have a pretty good setup out there but it’s still troublesome. I don’t know which of us has the more dangerous job, but I’m sure we’ll both be ok.

And I need more emails 🙂 I get bored. stridera at gmail dot com…
Use it 🙂

Ok.. I’m out

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