Guard duty and Around the World in 80 Days

Welp, guard duty was a lot of nothing. We have a big tower on the south side of the base. I stand there with my M4, seven magazines of ammo (30 rounds a piece), binoculars, and not much else. I had to wear full body armor and equipment, and I couldn’t sit down for four hours. It majorly sucked. The only cool things was the helicopters. They circle around the base and as they fly by the pilot sometimes wave back. (I always saluted them.) Where the tower stands, I’m almost level with the pilot as he flies by.) That part kicked ass. The rest sucked. Other people have stories of mortars flying by their heads, or at least little kids coming to the fence to beg for food… (We’re not allowed to give it away since if we do it’ll draw more and a group of kids around the perimeter fence is a bigger danger to them than them going hungry. It’s sad but the truth.)

After guard duty, I went to watch the movie… I still think Jackie Chan does better on his own. It was an ok movie, but that’s it. Oh well.

Anyways, I’m going to wait around for the phones. They always have a bigger line than the computers… :/ I hope everyone takes care and is safe. I’m praying for you all 😛

Always waiting to return,

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