Days come and days go…

I’m starting to lose track of how often we’re attacked here… It’s all becoming one blur. I think we were hit twice, but it might be more. I only remember twice though. (One when I was in the shower, damn them!)

Today was just another long day in the stretch of long days I have yet to come. Guard duty went by really quick once the kids showed up. They were pushing each other into the water and laughing the whole while. It was enjoyable. It’s kinda sad how watching children play can be some of the most enjoyable time I have. I also gave them some soap that some of the other platoon were going to throw away, and to tell the truth, I have never seen kids so happy to have soap. I don’t understand it really, since they should have enough money to get their own. Do they just not have stores around or something? (The fields or the sheep along should make them enough to not have to worry.) Anyways, I felt good at helping them. They are only children.

And about guard duty, they extended my duty, so I’ll be doing it until wednesday. *shrugs* It’s always something…

After guard duty rearranged my area some and decided that I needed to wash some clothes… I didn’t really, but it was something to do. I did the little 30-45 min walk over the air force ‘base’ and played counterstrike while waiting for my laundry. People left the game soon, and I ended up watching a stupid movie for a little bit while waiting for my clothes to dry. After that, I walked backed to my tent, dropped off my laundry and came here. It’s almost 4am now, so I guess it wasted a good amount of time.

Anyways, so now I’m here. Tina’s online, which is good since nobody else is. I think I’ll go talk with her and look at anime fanart or something.

Oh, and one more annoyance about this place. The ‘baby powder dust’ that floats everywhere, and gets on everything… seriously gets on EVERYTHING. You can’t escape it. When I take a shower, I run my hands over myself trying to get as much off as I can, but even with that when I use my washrag with soap, the rag ends up tanish brown afterwards. And it doesn’t come out when I was them either. I should have brought brown rags instead… *mutter* Ok, enough about me in the showers…

Oh yea, another annoyance is being a vehicle operator and being unable to get a vehicle, but whatever. I’m good at walking.

Anyways, take care and I’ll write ya soon.

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