Change is inevitable…

So, I after I post last night I go to the chow hall to eat. I just happen to sit next to our chief and we sat there talking. (During this time we were attacked, and had like 7-8 mortars hit, a few pretty close.. our battalion building was hit too… nobody hurt though. Pretty wild, I tell you!) Anyways, during the two hours we sat in code red (the longest it’s been since I’ve been here…) we talked about jobs and about me teaching on base. Anyways, he wants me to be the alternate ‘admin bitch’ (the person who does paperwork and stuff) so I can work on the webpage and help write a program to keep track of the people. The best part of this would be… my own computer with internet access! W00T! It might not happen but there is a good chance it will. Anyways, after that I went back to my tent to find out I’m not on convoys after all, they put me on ADACG (read: pickup and delivery). Basically I drive a tractor trailer back and forth from where the planes drop it off to the distro sites. Boring boring boring. They had me work last night (12 hour shifts) and during my freetime I fixed all their excel spreadsheets so it automatically calculated the totals and stuff like that. (It annoys me when people have programs like that and they still add everything up in their head themself… blah)

So, yea, I woke up and went to work all night doing nothing cool. I came back and came here to read email and update this. Welp, that ends this brief chapter.

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