Boring day…

Lets see… I woke up and took my uniforms into alterations so I’ll have a couple more SrA tops, and then went over to the Air Force side to see if there was something to do. I played a little counterstrike but that got boring when it was 2 on 1. (I could always kill one, but the other would normally get me.. blah.) So after sitting around being bored I came here. I’m going to go back to my tent and read. Read and listen to music. Sounds like a good way to forget everything and enjoy the night. Maybe I’ll try to write some poetry or something. I just need something to raise my spirits some… that might work. Maybe a few Mt. Dews too. (All they have out here is Pepsi, Mt. Dew (sometimes), Mt. Dew Code Red, and orange/fruit punch gatorade. Oh yea, and the ‘near beer’. Ever wonder what non-alcoholic budweiser tastes like? I didn’t either. I’ve been given them during guard duty but I always leave them for the next shift… I bet it’s still up there since nobody I know of likes them. (I hear the reason is, “Why drink beer if your not going to get drunk.” Stupid people…)

Anyways, I’m going to go do my thing… Enjoy.
Senior Airman Strider Aragorn… or someone like that.

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Writer, Programmer, Astronomer, Dreamer, Wisher, Fighter. Always striving to be better than I was.
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