Balad Air Base

I’m in Iraq at Balad now. It’s not a bad place… We’ve been here for about 24 hours and we’ve been mortered twice. We live in a tent that has sandbags all around it so unless the mortar hit our tent itself, we’ll be ok. The first one woke us up this morning (we have to throw on our body armor and wait) and the second one happened this evening while I was at the BX. I didn’t hear the explosions from either of them… the first because I slept through it and I guess the second because they had music playing in the background.

Today we had a little tour and was given the day to ourselves. A friend (SrA Robles) and I went to watch a movie, and I must say Catwomen was a pretty good show. I was expecting a total boob-flick, but it stayed pretty clean. The story was alright, but I think some of the ‘artistic’ stuff went overboard. Also, the exagerated movements after she became catwomen were fake imho.

Anyways, I’m using the laptop of one of the guys we’re replacing. They spend like $90/3 months of sat connection. I REALLY wish I had my laptop here now. Maybe I’ll get Tina to send it to me. Also, phones are rare around here so I won’t be able to call home as much. 🙁 That’s sucky, but nothing I can do about it.

Anyways, I miss you all, and I wish I could call people, but I emails help alot. I still have six months out here and it’ll be all I have. Well, I should give him his laptop back. Take care all and I love ya.

And keep praying that I miss all the mortars. 😉

Senior Airman Jones 😉

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