Back in Kuwait

Well, after three days of no shower and eating only MRE’s (yuck) I’m back in Kuwait. I have lots of pictures that I’ll have to put up here when I can. As it stands now, I’m now a .50 cal gunner.

Here is a picture of what I was shooting for your viewing pleasure. That pic is actually pretty close to what I was doing… hummer and all. However, out in Iraq I’ll be riding in the big 5ton trucks, so it’ll be different. The gun is the same, however.

Anyways, We came back from the ranger today and the first place I went was over to the bx to get some real food, and then here. (I called my wife before getting online, of course 😉 And so now, here I am. Enjoy!

What else… oh yea, I’ll be leaving for Iraq in just a little bit. When I get there, my time will start counting down and I’ll be working on my way home. (It’s lovely how these two months of ‘training’ don’t count towards my 6month tdy… grrr…)

And… yea… Not much to talk about since my last post. Take care all and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.


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