One other quick update about BTZ. It’s an award kinda thing where those who are the top of the squadron (kinda like the top of the department in a commercial world) get put up to go before a board and they go head to head against other people in the squadron. Anyways… if your accepted (they only choose like 6 per 100 or so) then you get to put on the next rank 6months early. This is good for many reasons, the top being more pay, more prestige, and you get to test for staff sooner. (the next rank) Anyways, when I joined, I was given A1C (E-3) for joining for 6 years. SrA is E-4. Anyways, they had my date of rank for A1C wrong, so by the time they fixed it, I missed the board for my BTZ. Well, now that I’ve been given it, my records say that I’ve been a SrA since Febuary 19th. The problem is, in order to sew on (or rank up) while your overseas… (read: actually wear a uniform with the new rank on it… I still get paid for SrA mind you…) you need a letter from your commander stating that your date of rank is whenever your promotion date it. Well, my letter says August 19th since I didn’t have the BTZ when I came out here. So I’m sitting here in A1C stripes, and have been SrA since Feb. It’s great šŸ˜› The sad part is, I’m not complaining one bit. Since I still get the pay, the A1C stripes keeps me out of all this ‘training’ bullshit that the higher ups have to deal with. Never in my life have I been so glad to be an airman. Anyways, that’s my little story. I go now. Bye bye!


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