Another boring day… but with a cool video!

Today was boring.. slept in until way late since it’s my day off, and then went over to the AF side to do laundry. (Of course, that means CS while waiting…)

Anyways, after that I came here. With plenty of free time on my hands, I decided to upload a video that some of the guys out here created. (The guys who we’re replacing, so it’s made with six months of video and pictures from their convoys.) It’s actually fairly well done. Right click here and save it to watch it. Some things that need explanation, I would guess: The images with the guys standing next to the wall that is torn up (and the vehicles with holes in them) are from the mortar that hit just outside the PX. (It was a nasty hit…) The images of trucks that are blown up are trucks that were hit from IED’s (homemade explosives) and the car you actually watch blow up is from a bomb that was set for us but we found it before it went off. EOD went out and blew it up for us. (It’s a pretty good image of it.) So there you go.

NOTICE! These were images taken from alot of people in the duration of six months. Just note that while there is danger out here, it’s not as bad as you think. Read: Tina, I’m not going to die! 😉

Anyways.. I talked with Sgt Smith (our current admin person) and she told me that 1. I have a package! I just need to get it… w00t My first birthday presents! 😉 and 2. They’re going to make me into some general admin person soon. (Yay!) Now I just need to wait. I also need to go to the education office to talk to the Major some more. Still need to find out when they need me and what works with my schedule.

Welp, I’m going to wait for people to sign in so I can shat away the night. Take care all and come say hi on messenger!

P.S. I have five gmail invites to give away. Let me know if you want one, and if I like you enough I’ll give ya one.

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