Long long day

Ok.. what happened today…

First, I found out (officially) that I made it as Group Airman of the Quarter. We’re having an award banquete on Thursday that I have to go to.

Secondly, we’re having a three star general comming to the base, and I’ve been selected to drive him around. One cool thing is that they are going to a REALLY nice restaurant to eat and I get to dress up in civilian clothes and go with them. It’ll be interesting.

Thirdly, I’m going TDY for a night in Kentucky or someplace like that. I have to drive a tractor trailer the entire way… *sigh* Oh well, I guess I should be glad it’s not iraq.

Tonight, in my C++ class, my teacher didn’t show up. So, somehow, I taught the class. It sucked since I had to do the opening on classes w/o a guide or any knowledge of where the rest of the class was (since I never pay attention to what the teacher teaches.) I also, because of a question, went over dynamically changing null terminated character strings (char *). Now that sucked. Why? because I had to do it on a whiteboard, off the top of my head, with no computer around. (My laptop was there but by this time I had so much dry erase marker on my hands, since I like using them as an eraser, that I didn’t want to touch my laptop.) I prob made a few errors, but I think they got the point.

Anyways, other news… Tina decided to become a psycomaniac killer and tried to run over a deer the other day. Alas, the deer proved to be stronger than the car and the result was around $1,600 of damage. Insuance will pay all but $250. She’s alright except for the emotional trauma of killing bambi. (She wouldn’t let me make jerky from it either…. *sigh*) Our vacation is now set for Key Largo, Fl… where I’ll drive. It’ll be a fun trip. And… um.. that’s all I can think of.

have a nice day.


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