Welp… big day tomorrow. Get to drive the general around base and stuff. It will actually be boring knowing my job.

Me and Tina went to Raleigh and stayed at the mall for a few hours. It was good. Ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and it was awesome. Prob the best service I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Girl kept checking up on us… drink never made it past half way (and they have some awesome raspberry lemonaide)… the cook came out and told us that he was just finishing up and it’ll be out soon. The food was totally awesome. I had Miso Salmon and it was better than I had ever expected. I couldn’t believe fish could taste so good. The cheesecake for desert was good too.

Tina got a floral dress that is pretty. It’s a kinda birthday/easter present. She gave me the Ranma Season 1 and Those who hunt elfs II. Both awesome awesome shows

Other things I did… Reinstalled linux since it decided to fubar itself. On 2.6 still, and it still has a strange habit of shutting itself down. No clue why. I’ll keep messing with it.

On a side note:
This is the most messed up commercial I’ve seen. It depicts a cat getting it’s head cut off. I doubt it’s real, but it sure looks real. Shamless!

And for REALLY cool things, these projects rawk:
Tempest for Eliza takes over your monitor, and starts sending stuff to it that makes it produce AM radio waves. You can then hear the mp3s or whatever on a AM radio that’s close by.

And Eckbox does the opposite. It uses the radio waves produced to reproduce what’s on the monitor. (Want to read your girlfriends email? How about your bosses email?) It’s interesting stuff. I want to look more into it.

Anyways. Have to be at work early for another 12 hour shift. Gotta sleep.. Later!

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