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Been training like mad. Driving tractor trailer for 8 hours each day kinda sucks. I’m pretty good at up/down shifting and backing up though so I shouldn’t need to continue like this much longer. I did happen to snag me a Lottery Ticket while in South Carolina today so who knows, maybe I’ll be rich… but most likely I just paid the ‘stupid tax’ as I call it. 🙂

Other news.. I received Airman of the Quarter for the group, and am now going for it wing wide. (Read, airman of the quarter for the entire base.) That is a good thing. Also, I passed my Public Speaking clep test… thank GOD! I thought I failed it. So now, officially I have everything I need for my Air Force degree except my 5 level… which I’ll get once I finish tractor trailer training.

So, aside from my total lack of sleep… all is good.

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