Wanted: more time.

I’m tired. 🙂 I woke up at 2pm or so yesterday and went to see a movie with my wife. We went to see Big Fish, and we both think it was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it anyhow. And then I came to work and spent the entire night studying physics for my test this afternoon. Bleh!

Last weekend was good. For v-day, I bought Tina a dozen roses, a diamond heart necklace, and got some cards. She had been going on about how much she wanted a large card (since she saw someone else with one) so I made one. I bought two of them (a normal card sized one, and one of the larger 12x17inch ones) and got some glitter, construction paper, red velvet string, crete paper and big cardboard paper sheets. I guess I can post a pic of it online if anyone cares. It said “Congratz! You are now the owner of the largest valentines card ever!” with all the cute lovey dovey stuff on it. We also went out to Luigis and got something good to eat. After we came back to the apt, we watched Intolerable Cruelty (since she wanted to watch it) and drank sparkling cider. She said it was a good day.

She gave me a 128mb flash mp3 player, a sweatshirt, “Count of Monte Cristo” dvd, and KareKano anime box set. I love the mp3 player, as my old one was cd based and kinda made working out a … stuttering experience to say the best. The sweat shirt is cool, has a hood and pockets.. but it’s a little small. (Last one they had.) DVD’s are awesome although I doubt I’ll watch them anytime soon. (I still have people harassing me to watch other stuff… it’s hard to do stuff when you work/school/wife full time.

On a side note… Behind blue eyes is an awesome song… I didn’t know fred durst had it in him to do anything that sounds good. Go figure.

Welp… I’m going to go… do something… prob stare at physics more.
Until next time,

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