In the beginning there was “Intro to C++”

Ok.. Intro to C++…. I expected to go sit in a room of computers, and watch the teacher drone on and on while I program my own thing so I can actually learn stuff. Now, while I may not be an expert, my skillset of knowledge goes beyond what is taught in a intro class. If you know me I’m sure you already believe this, if not, come join the #C++ channel on or and ask a few questions.

Anyways, I walk to the computer lab.. to find out it’s not there but upstairs. *boggle* I walk into a class with no (zero, 0, zip) computers. I sit in a desk, now disinclined to pull out my laptop and do anything useful. First thing I learn is the $100 text book is manditory. Aside from doing assignments from the book, he makes sure you have it or he’ll pull you from the class. Second thing is that we have to participate. I had to listen to him talk about cout and << >> ++ etc. I had to comment on them since.. well.. few other people know what the hell they were. *sigh*

So, I essensially signed up for a class that requires me to appear and play stupid for two hours twice a week. Ugh! The teacher even said that it “appeared that I’ve used C++ quite a bit” but not enough for me to test out of the class.

So now… I get to sit at home and write a simple program that is stupid just so I can get an A in a brain cell killing class.

Oh, and.. because I like cheating… here are the answers to the first assignment.

using namespace std; // Note: This is a bad practice since it clutters the main namespace with alot of useless stuff.. better to do using std::cin... etc

int main()
cout << "Hello world!" << endl; // omg! Bet you didn't guess that... return 0; }

Enjoy... *sighs*

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