Lot to say, no time to say it.

Ok.. I guess I’ll give you the update to my life. I’ve been very out of the loop lately since I’ve had two essays, a bunch of finals, and all kinds of junk to keep me busy. A month ago we had exercises on base where I had to run around everywhere in my gas mask. It sucked majorly. Then I went to Myrtle Beach with my wife for our six month anniversary. That was a blast. We needed the time away. Watched the Medieval Nights show and walked the beach. It don’t get no better than that as people around here say. (Damn south…)
Other than that, nothing huge has happened. I think I’ve aced my Discrete math final giving me a a-b grade in the class, and I know I’ve aced my two history classes. My religion class should be high b or a. It’s always nice to finish a class. I’m hoping to take calc I and a few comp classes next term. We’ll see how the pieces fall. I added a link to my user info if you want to watch my progress through school… if you ever get that boed. Also if you want to see my discrete math final, or my essays for history for some sordid reason, check here.
As for what will be… I’m taking leave from the 16th to the 27th to go home. I’ll be looking forward to that. See my family.. no work.. no school. aww, sounds great,eh? I just wished my laptop worked. The electrical outlet on the laptop itself (that the cord plugs into the laptop) is broken. They need to send it back to the manufacturers to fix it. Strange how this happens right before I go back home (read: when I would use it the most.) Blah!

Anyways.. Thats a little update of things. Hope it’s good enough for the .. one person who will read this. 😉


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