Final Grades for my two western Civ courses are in… well, not officially but since it’s an online course we can see our grades.

Western Civ I: 1020 out of 1032
Western Civ II: 994 out of 1030

You needed a 930 to get an A. I’m kinda proud of myself. Only 12 points below the max in the first one. Cool cool. I also signed up for my classes for the two spring quarters.

Spring I:
Monday/Wednesday: 5:15-7:30: Intoduction to C++
Tuesday/Thursday: 5:00-7:30: Physics I 7:45-10:00: Sociology (The Family)

Spring II:
Monday/Wednesday: 5:15-7:30: Advanced C++ 7:45-10:00: Systems Anylist
Tuesday/Thursday: 5:15-7:30: Operating Systems

I’ll update the stuff online later

Anyways, I’m going back to Salt Lake for the next couple weeks. Hope you have a great christmas.


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