Sucky days suck!

Well, this has been quite a shitty day to say the least. Lets see, it started out with me getting off work and stopping by another squadron on base to get a book from someone. (For my Intro to Christianity class I’m taking next term.. that and Discrete Mathematics.) Anyways, because of this I didn’t work out as I normally do. So I go and fill up the car with gas and pull out of the gas station daydreaming somewhat and just following the truck in front of me. Anyways, I notice the school zone lights as I pass them and start to slow down, but it’s too late, a cop got me (ignoring the guy I was following) and cited me for doing 11 over (26 in a 15). Anyways, this is where the bad stuff really gets going. He asked me to pull forward into the guard shack parking lot (lot around the place you show your id card to get onto the base) and, once there, tells me that I’m also getting a ticket for driving on a suspended license. This is really bad since this includes a 1 year no driving on base term, and my job is driving. Well, I had to call my supervisor, talk with a million people, get a ride home and pick up Tina to get the car since I couldn’t drive it, and all that fun stuff. Then I had to call Utah DMV just to find out that they really have suspended it! Turns out that my tickets before joining cost more points on my record than someone my age was allowed to have. Well, they sent a letter to the house I USED to live at, and so I never received it. Well, I had to pay a whole $25 to get it reinstated, and do a bunch of paperwork. They say it’ll be a week before I get my driving privilages back and get everything worked out…
Anyways, now for the next couple days I’m back on day shift because I can’t drive and I’ll be a cleaning boy or something idiotic like that. It’s very annoying. And since I worked last night and stayed up all day doing this junk and homework, I’m very tired…. Very tired.
So I’m going to bed. Night!

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