I really should post more often

I mean, what else do I have to do? I only have 4 Classes, and work full time.. not like I’m strapped for time or anything. Oh well. Tina is good, she’s been down lately and I can’t really do anything and that sucks, but otherwise we’re doing ok. We received my tax return which turned out to be around $650 and so that helped smooth out the military paying me less than standard.

My classes are fun. My discrete mathematics class is awesome. I’m starting to feel that I should have finished calculus first, but I’m holding my own. We did Mathematical Induction for the first two classes, and the teacher blows my mind. Questions like {Prove that n^5-n is divisible for 10 for all positive ints starting at 1} are difficult enough, except the teacher just pulls all kinds of stuff out of his ass and applys them making the solution alot easier to find than what I do. It amazes me more or less, but I guess that’s why he’s the math teacher. The hardest part for me is just remembering all the things like summations, integrals, etc. Stuff that I haven’t done since high school 5 years ago. It’s nuts, I tell ya!
My other new class is Intro to Christianity. It’s required, and it’s interesting. The first two classes were justs introduction and stuff, talking about how the bible was translated, and what it is in general. I guess since christianity and the bible have such a huge effect in current (and past for that matter) society it is worth studying about. Should be an easy class since it’s just remembering stories, something I’m good at.
I also have my two other two western civ courses. I finished my group project in one course, so I just have my essays in both classes and my group project in the other class and I’ll be good. So far my grade is a 4.0, and considering how the class has been, I’m sure it’ll stay that way. As a side note, my Art Appreciation course gave me a 4.0 at the end of it as well. A good start. I updated my progress sheet here if you’re curious.

As for work, it’s been simple since I haven’t been driving. (I still had the 7 day suspension.) And I’m working weekends this month so those are even easier.

I’m still trying to get my desktop computer to use the dual-head feature correctly. For some reason mplayer doesn’t output to the matrox card like it should, and my ms explorer mouse isn’t working like it should. I’ll work on it later I guess. The $80 I got for my birthday will prob be going for another stick of memory for my computer… the swap usage is generally about 128 megs, so if I get a 256meg stick, it should speed it up a bunch.

Anyways, I’m going to see if my teacher posted the test for Western Civ II yet, and if not work on my essays. Later all.

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