It’s fall break at school, so I don’t have anything really to do. I was playing around with openGL and created a star through code and spins it. Nothing really hard exactly, but that’s what boredom does. It’s prob the most I’ve done with OpenGL, so I guess I could say it was to learn, but whatever…

I have been thinking of doing a quick homepage, but I can’t figure what to put up there. Maybe my old poetry, and perhaps some new. Screenshots or just std files. Whatever. Who knows… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m also thinking of writing a program to organize my mp3s, but again, I’m not sure. That would be basically for learning purposes since my skills in perl are still lacking, but whatever. You can see my old webpage here.

Mathematic Induction is kicking my ass as well. I keep looking at web pages, but I can’t find anything that makes it click in my head. I really should have taken calc before discrete math. I just need a good tutor. (Actually, from what I gain from the rest of the class, I’m not the only one lost. Even those who have taken calc get lost with this. We all need a good tutor I guess…)

I have been reading Terry Goodkind’s “Wizards First Rule” as well, so I guess that will keep me somewhat busy. I’ll start taking computer courses next semester. I’ll be a little more excited and happy then. Just a couple months away. 🙂

Take care…

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