Ok.. after some annoying stuff, I’m finally in school. I’m going to Campbell University and am taking the most important class required for knowledge in Comp Science. Art Appreciation! After all, write code long enough, and you have to learn to appreciate art… because sometimes it’s useless otherwise. 🙂 Anyways, I waited until friday to sign up, which happened to be the last day I could because I was going to take all core classes from Fayetteville Tech and transfer them over (because they have inet classes) however, that idea is gone since when I tried to sign up on the first day they were available, they were all full. Yes, thats right. Every class. (Students get first choice, and then others.) So, I’m at Campbell. Oh well, it’s ok. It’s every Mon and Wed at 5:15pm to 7:30pm (yes, I have to be at work at 7pm, so.. it’s nuts.)

Anyways, other than that, me and Tina had a nice date on thursday. Went to eat at Tony Romas and watched Tomb Raider. Tony Roma’s was great, Tomb Raider wasn’t. It was ok.. but wait for tv. 🙂

Anyways, still working and now studying for art. Heh. Hopefully the next couple semesters will be better because I’ll have the results from my clep tests and it’ll allow me to start the computer classes bypassing the opening courses. We’ll see.

Take care all

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