School, kitties, and the wife! :)

I’m Tired… ugh! Oh well, only a hour and a half of work to go. Next month we should be going back to the 8 hour shifts, so I’m looking foward to that. School has been good so far. I took my first test in Art Appreciation, where I had to correctly answer the name of our textbook, a true false question where the question was “The answer to this question is false.” (I put false.) And one where choice D was “What are you looking here for? This isn’t the answer!” So, based on that, I think that anyone who studies simetics, context, and stuff like that for five minutes can pass the test with flying colors.

As for my other two courses, they start tomorrow, but the teacher posted that he would put the stuff online today so we can start today. He has yet to do so, but hopefully he’ll have it up there by tonight so I can do them before my ‘weekend’ this week. I’ll just be happy to get these courses overwith so I can start doing actually computer related stuff.

Tina hasn’t been too well lately. Nothing physical, but she has been crying most of the day. She misses that kitten very much. It was her choice, and I’ll stand by her with it, but it’s still hard to see her cry so much. It’s even harder knowing that I can’t do anything about it but hold her and hope that things turn out all right. I love her and I know she’ll be ok, it’s just hard waiting.

On another note, I really need to get my @$$ in gear and start writing some poetry. I haven’t done that in a while even though I’ve been saying I will. I just need to force myself to actually carry it out this time. I start them and give up before finishing. Meh. Oh well, as long as I do what I need to do I’ll be ok, I s’pose.

Well, it’s now 6am. I better go start cleaning up before all the “people with more rank than me” come in. Take care all.

P.S. I’d like to welcome whiteangel70 to my journal, and I hope I don’t scare her away too much! 🙂

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