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Well, my year is up and I’m no longer a paid livejournal user. I wish I could figure out how to get a permanent account like shippo.
I’m not as l33t as he is. 🙁

As for school. I’m now a full time student. It appears people didn’t pay for their history class, so their spot went to me. Now, along side with my Art 131: Introduction to art course at Campbell University I’m taking both Western Civilization I and Western Civilization II online courses at Fayetteville Technical Community College. My goal is to transfer the two history classes into Campbell Univ. for my Computer Science degree. Adding the English and Intro to computers courses I’ve already clepped, and the Physical Education that the Air Force gave me for doing PE (read: boot camp) I should have a good start after this. I’m sure I’ll fly through the basic programming courses as well as soon as I get past the general education courses what I so despise. *grin* After this one I’ll post a entry to add to my ‘memories’ that I’ll update as I progress through school.
Also, I guess I should add. After taking around 45 semester hours, I’m going to apply for the Airman Education and Commissioning Program (AECP) and get my commission. Basically they’ll pay me ~$1,500/mo, plus tuition and books for a college of my choice. The catch is that I have to give back twice the time to the air force. (If it takes me 2 years to complete college, I’ll stay in for 4 more years as an officer.) I hope things go well.

Me and Tina are doing great. She gets mad at things every now and then, but so far I’ve been able to cheer her up and make her smile. I guess that as long as I’m able to keep doing that, we should be fine. We’re doing good on money atm, so there isn’t really that much stress in our lives. I’ve spent more on myself in the last week than since we’ve been married though, but somehow we’re using the excuse that it’s for my birthday to get around that. So far I bought myself a Timex Flix watch and a bunch of blank cd’s. We’re also looking for a desk to put my computer on. I got a new pair of vans pants and Baldur’s Gate for the PS2 so me and Tina actually have a game we can play together. We’re having fun with it so far.

Um. Work still sucks, but at least school will keep me busy. I love Tina.. *think think* I can’t think of what else to write. I might have said it all, but I’m sure there is more to say anyways. Send me birthday presents! *grin* It’s on the 5th of next month if you didn’t know. And, I guess thats it.
Take care 🙂

[Edit: I said I would put up my course schedule/compleded classes list in another journal entry, but instead it is here.]

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