Interview from shippo:

1.) First of all, how’s life been lately? I haven’t heard too much from you lately.

1) Life has been great. Marriage is fun. Working 12 hour shifts, but it’s ok. Hopefully I should start school in a couple weeks so things should get better.

2.) How’s the wife?

2) She’s good. A little stressed as it’s her first time away from home and on her own. Learning how to manage her new life has been a little challenge. But she says she’s happy.

3.) Do you still hang out on IRC? If so, are any of the “old people” still there?

3) I’m always on IRC. I normally hang out on now, but I always have the aniverse channel open. Talking to Daryoon right now actually. 🙂 Anju, fly-guy, Comsn, and Oteck are in there too, but idling. The channel has been more dead than anything lately. It’s sad. I wish we could get it going again.

4.) What’s your favourite programming language, and why?

4) I’m curious if this is to start a flame war or something. Personally, I like C++ and MFC. Perhaps just because thats what I know the best. I’m working with GTK and all those xwindows widgets, but I’m still far behind on that. I also enjoy PHP for web stuff, and perl for text/automation stuff. I haven’t used delphi/pascal since high school, nor basic (vb) since my old sys admin job, and am happy with that. I’m also learning assembly since I’m required to know it for my degree, but as for a like/dislike, it’s easier faster to do it with a HLL and I don’t see the whole speed theory anymore since any program I write will be fast enough written in C++ on any modern computer. So, after a big why, it’s C++.

5.) What fun stuff are you doing in the Air Force these days?
5) I’m a glorified bus driver for the Air Force. That’s right, after being an arabic linguist for a year, I’m now a bus driver. Oh, yes, I drive the forklift, wrecker, tractor trailer, and stuff as well, but mainly I drive a bus. Good side to this, I get lots of time to study since I only drive when needed, bad side to this, I drive a bus. Go figure.


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