do {work();sleep();} until $dead;

Well, as you can see, nothing’s been happening. I work a lot.. and on my days off, I normally just chill with Tina. Works been kinda annoying lately. Since Amn Sweet left about a month ago, I’ve taken over the other dispatch office (normally used for U-Drive it vehicles, if you have any clue what that means) and made it mine. I originally did this for privacy so I could study for my CDC’s (which I received a 90%, Best of the Best, on… whatever that means. I do get a 1 day pass though! (read: 1 free day off)) but I stayed here because I prefer to sit online than watch TV, as the normally do in the back room. Well, since I’m up here, I’ve kinda become the dispatcher. See, the dispatcher is the guy who answers the phones and then sends other people on the run. This would be cool if I was actually a dispatcher. So, Amn McConnell, the real dispatcher, sits back in the lounge watching movies or playing video games, while I’m up here answering phones and doing his job. The bad part is, half the time, I answer the phones, and I have to drive out to pick up the aircrew. So it all amounts to me doing most of the work, and getting none of the credit. I’m not really the type to complain either. I believe in the whole karma thing, and that if I help others, I’ll receive help when I need it. If I do good, I’ll receive good.

If your wondering about me and school… I am too. I’m going to go talk to the education councilor tomorrow and hopefully figure it out. My dilemma is finding a school that teaches what I want. Also, I may have to take online classes since we’re on 12 hour shifts. I don’t see the point of retaking all the classes I did to get my associates at ITT Tech and wasting my time in a classroom at the same time. Hopefully I’ll be able to do half of it online, and take the fun classes in the classroom where I can benefit from that environment. We’ll see. Either way, I should be .. back on my way toward getting my degree/future/whatever.
Whatever works, right?

As for in the home. I love marriage life. Tina is wonderful, beautiful, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s a little stressed about bills, and thinking she might need to get a job, but other than that, she seems to be doing good. We haven’t had too much time to ourselves since I’m gone most of the time, but we’ve had some enjoyable times on my days off. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean on my last day off, and we’re going to do something special on the 16th for our two month anniversary, so I’m looking forward to that. I also have two three day holidays coming up (to replace the 4day we have to work through because we don’t get holidays off kinda thing) and I plan to use them to the fullest. Me and Tina were planning on going to Myrtle Beach, which is about 3 hours away, for our anniversary, but with money as it is, it’ll have to wait. Alas! The troubles of starting a new life together! 😛

Other things… at work, other than being abused, I’ve been studying perl for the last month or so at work. I’m thinking about writing a little perl program that will help me sort my mp3s, as well as manage the id3 tags and stuff like that. I’ll let you know if I make any progress on it. Also, at work I have been playing final fantasy 3jp/6us and 8 and Xenosaga, which has this one boss that constantly kicks my ass, so I’m still trying to beat him.
My other work pastime, even though it’s not allowed, is irc which I frequent the #aspectfx and #unsec channels on (CGI irc client here) It’s basically a server where we talk about hacking, programming, and generally try to annoy one another. It’s great. It’s what gave me my ambition to learn perl and install gentoo linux on my home comp. Fun stuff, eh?
You may be thinking to yourself, “Man, he must never work!” but it’s a lie! In my 12 hour shifts, I work on average about 1.5-2 hours a night! So, there, another common myth brought to truth. And if you wondering why I don’t update more often if I have all this free time.. um.. irc takes up all my time. Leave it at that.

Anyways, I guess I’ll go back to hanging around in irc. If you ever need me, that’s where I’ll be. 🙂 Take care and I’ll try to update more
Until next time…

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