Time moves on…

Well, work kinda sucks. It’s not doing it.. it’s just that it takes away from valuable computer time! hehe I really need to do my CDC’s and stuff, but thats really boring… and besides, if I did them now it would end my procrastination streak! Tina is doing well. She’s getting more used to being away from home. It’s still tough but she’ll be ok. She’s a strong girl. She’ll be ok.
I spent the last hour reading slashdot, hackles, megatokyo, userfriendly and my LiveJournal friends list. I found out kenna143 took me off her friends list. I guess I’m not really as close as I once used to be. Times change… and no matter how hard I try to keep it from happening, friends go away. Time sucks sometimes.

Anyways… I need to finish cleaning and get ready to do other stuff. I have a dental appointement, a commanders call, and some other stuff I need to do before I go home. Blah 🙂
Oh well, Talk to ya all later

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