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Things have been really good lately. Been working and trying to unpack while I get the chance. With everything that has been happening, we haven’t gotten very far. However, I have the next three days off so I should get caught up. Lets see. Tina and I bought a new washer and dryer from sears. We also got a vacuum from there. We bought a futon, some end tables, and a entertainment center from a place called ‘big lots.’ And now we’re pretty much broke. Still need to get a kitchen table and a desk for the computer too. Hopefully we can get it with the TMO payment or something. I guess we’ll see. I’ll post pictures of the house once we get some of the boxes put away. I will say that I was VERY happy to be able to wash my clothes. You have no clue! We also got some small items… shower curtain, towels, etc. Hopefully, once we get all the boxes out of the house, the place will feel more like a home. (I hope to be able to get a desk soon however.. it sucks going online while sitting on the floor.) Either way, life rocks! Our house looks nice. We bought a rug from of those those ‘suspicious looking’ rug salesmen that appear on the side of the road in vacant lots at times. It’s really good looking though, so I didn’t mind. As long as my wife is happy, I’m happy.
Only thing we haven’t really stocked up on is food. *heh* I bought stuff to make bread, and I’ve been using the bread maker.. it works really well. We also bought a few pizzas and played with our pizza stone, but nothing big. I’ll prob get stuff to make Lasagna this weekend but until we get the bill for them fixing Tina’s car (that is supposed to be under warranty) we’re saving some cash. We also need to get car insurance since Tina’s Mom will be taking Tina off hers now.
What else? A lot of people are getting deployed again. I don’t know why, and I prob couldn’t tell you if I did, but they’re going. I don’t have to go yet though, which is cool. I like having time with my wife. But with everyone going, they’ll prob shift us over to 12 hour shifts again.. which will prob mean school will be tough. I hope not. We’ll see.
Anyways, I guess I’ll end this by saying how much I love my wife. I know it’s been hard on her leaving her whole life behind, and I’m trying to make it as easy on her as I can, but nothing can take away some of that bite. She tries so hard to make me happy as well, and I very much love being with her. It’ll be nice to get everything else taken care of so we can actually sit around and enjoy each other’s company rather than worrying about what we need to unpack next and what else we might have to buy. *shrug* It is nice having my stereo back. That thing r0x0rs!
I love you my Wife! I love you Tina, Simei, or dagger_garnet. 🙂

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