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Well, I got a new monitor for my desktop! So I’ve been online both on my laptop and desktop. So, I decided to install Gentoo Linux on my box. I had a few troubles, mostly my fault. (I learned the hard way that X uses the XF86Config you have in your home directory before using the one under /etc. So I was able to log into X as my user but not root, who had that file in his dir so I could use it as a ref for making my own. Heh. Also, for some strange reason, it wouldn’t mount my vfat (fat32) file systems. I’m still working with that. Installed partition magic and used that to make a partition on my 120GB hard disk and tried to format that. So now my mp3s are in two places on the same disk, but if I can install it right this time, it’ll confirm my idea that the western digital partition utility installed a overlay and that b0rked the drive up when trying to mount. Who knows. 🙂

What else.. oh yea.. I bought a new 120GB hard drive for my desktop. (Mentioned above.) Now I have a 120, and 2 40’s. Go me!

Also, I was standing in the shower, and it hit me. Kinda hard. I’m leaving to go home in a week. ONE week. I’m getting married in TWO weeks. OMG! Let the good times roll! Meow!

Well, right now I’m still copying mp3s over. I’ll work on getting my desktop to be the router once everything else works.
Welp, I’m going to study a little bit and go to sleep in a few. Lata!

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