One week! OMG!

Well, I get married A WEEK FROM TODAY! Hehe.. I already have my apartment, and my new phone number and all that fun stuff. I’ll post it all in a friends journal entry after this. As for now, I’m actually getting ready to leave. I only have two days left before I go home. Yay! (So don’t expect me online for the next couple weeks.)

Tonights going to suck.. one of the problem of working nights is everyone else works days, so for me to get my place, switch the phone/internet/etc I had to stay awake. *sighs* Oh well. I have lots of caffeine. πŸ™‚ I really need to clean my room though. meh…

Well, about my new place. It’s in a apt complex called North Crossing. It has all the standards.. dishwasher, washer/dryer hookups, etc. It also has a swimming pool, tennis courts, and all that fun stuff. It’s also about two blocks from the Methodist College, so I might end up going there out of easy of travel. The apt itself has cool carpets, marble tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Bedroom is spacious, with a walkin closet. And the front room has a fireplace, and a balcony! The balcony overlooks a forest (as do the bedroom windows.) So I get a nice view of trees, which I like. Tina has a friend who’s moving so they’re going to give (sell for real cheap) their furniture to us, so we get to start out with a couch and tables and stuff. I’m happy about that. My aunt and uncle gave us a really nice cookware set, and I still have my silverware from my dad. We have Tina’s king sized bed, and dressers for the bedroom. My tv and stereo systems for the front room. (Actually, I have two tv’s and she has one… which is funny since we hardly ever use them. I just use mine to watch anime. πŸ˜› and she only watches movies occasionally.) So, we should have a really nice setup. It’s about 20 mins away from the AF base, and if she gets of a job at the college she won’t have far to go at all. Joy!

< computer stuff.. skip if you don't care. :) >
I finally got gentoo running right! And it works! Yay! Only took a week. *hehe*. Gnome is all pretty. In fact you can see screenshots here. Xchat, XMMS, Mozilla, and Gaim work great.. which is good since those are the programs i use most. I’ve also been working on perl alot lately. The mp3list that you see on that site was created with a perl script I wrote. I’m actually working on modifying it so I can sort my mp3s quickly and efficently. Also rename them. Cantus is ok for that, but I don’t like alot of it’s interface. I wish we could rename one mp3 in the list, instead of having to dequeue everything else, and queue that one file.
Also, I got ipchains up and running, so now I can connect from across the room with my laptop. That will be nice. Soon I’ll be chilling on my new balcony with my laptop. ^^ I have a new ftp for my anime fansubs and mp3s if people want it. Let me know.

What else.. I just want to say that gentoo is ++. I love it. emerge is sweet and works like a charm. (Much better than apt-get ever did!) Gnome looks good, and in general it works really well. Only problems I’ve had so far is learning how to use linux again. I wish I knew where my debian box is. *mutters* But, as for now, I’m happy. Hopefully I won’t have to use windows anymore. We’ll see. *grin*
< /computer stuff >

Well, I’m going to clean my room and stuff. I wish I could take a nap before tonight, but two hours won’t cut it. πŸ™ Ahh well. Take care all, and I’ll see you later. πŸ™‚
With a wife!

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