The wedding. Well, what can I say? The day was beautiful. The weather rocked, the place was awesome, and the bride was the most beautiful girl in the world. (If your a girl, sorry… it’s true…) It was the most perfect day. Everything went wonderfully. And well, the outcome is… I have a wife now. I’m very happy.

As for how it went. It started at a little after 11:00am, as expected. I wore my Air Force dress mess uniform. (It looks like a tuxedo…. You’ll see pictures soon.) First the parents walked the isle, then me and the reverend who did the ceremony, and then came the real procession. First came Eric and Charlene, then Daniel and Nichole (the best men and brides maids). And then Katie, who was the flower girl.. (Cute cute!) and then… unexpectedly Tyler, who is Tina’s little brother appeared. It was funny. 🙂 And then came Tina and her dad. Tina was absolutely gorgeous! I was breathless. Wait until I get the pictures up and you’ll see what I mean. I was in shock. She came up to me, I shook her dads hand and then took Tina’s hand. After the rev. welcomed everyone, he told everyone that we prepared our own vows. Mine were worthless drivel compared to hers. Mine were all about kissing away her tears, fighting away her fears. My endless promise to always be hers, and that stuff. Hers, on the other hand was amazing. I’ll post it at the end of the journal so you can read it. It’s a poem, and very well done.
After that, we gave the rings to each other with the traditional, “With this ring, I thee wed.” and we were married. We walked onto the grass, and then que the hours of pictures. I didn’t know it was so hard to hold a smile for so long! It was nuts! Sheesh. After countless hours of pics.. heh… we cut the cake and proceeded to smash it into each others mouths, in the usual fashion… (She did it much worse than I, however… Sometimes it sucks to be first.) The cake was delicious! I’m glad we have lots left. 🙂 Afterwards we danced to Come What May… and we sang to each other while dancing. It was good.
Afterwards, We went to get something to eat with my mother, Eric, Daniel, Char and Ray. Chilis was good, but I ended up having to fork out the bill. I’m not quite sure how that turned out, since we were the ones invited out. Oh well.. it was only about $80. -_-
After that we went to Tina’s dad’s house for the reception. It was kinda sad at first since almost nobody showed up on time. (It went from 4:30 to 7:30) We had éclairs, Chicken rolls, veggie/fruit trays and frappe. Frappe was good, but I didn’t get to try anything else. Sad.. 🙁 Especially since the éclairs were there because I wanted them. *sigh* Oh well, there are some hidden somewhere, I’ll find them!
At the reception we basically greeted people, stood allot, and all that jazz. We also had to do a family tradition from my moms side where I drop the bride in a wheelbarrow filled with balloons and push her around. The number of balloons we pop is supposed to correspond to the amount of kids you have, but since we popped 7, I don’t think so. I pushed her around to the car and she wanted to get out to see (cry) what they did to her car. They painted it and put streamers everywhere. She actually didn’t cry, she thought it was cute. (Even now, a day later, the paint is still there because she doesn’t want to wash it off.. heh) After that we opened presents. Among the top of the list of gifts, we received a bread maker from Tina’s dad, a toaster oven from my uncle Randy, a waffle maker from Tina’s step moms parents and a Belgian waffle maker from my cuz… heh.. also, we recieved an Ice Cream maker, and my Grandma actually quilted us a quilt. It’s pretty. Lots of money from Tina’s Boss, My dad, and Daniel. (Also, various gifts, and money from other people. I won’t bore you with the entire list. 🙂
So, after that, we helped clean up a little… after changing of course… and then came here, to Castle Creek Inn where we stayed in the Palace Suite and the Camelot suite. (They had both rooms open for only one night so we had to change.. kinda annoying, but it’s nice. We’ll put pics of this place up later too. 🙂
In other news, while I was showing Tina around the neighborhood I grew up in, I drove to my old best friends house, DJ (Derek Junior) His parents were out front and we stopped and talked with them. It appears that DJ got married last year, and has been doing good. I talked to him on the phone and we’re going to get together on Monday to catch up. Cool cool! Anyways, I’m going to sleep. 😉
Take care!

I vow my love this 16th of May
To live and breathe you every day
To hold you forever in the sands of time
To whisper I’m yours and you are mine
To lie in your arms and forget where we are
To dance with you under falling stars
To laugh and cry for days to come
To begin and spend our lives as one
To be your wife now and forever
For us to always be together
I, Tina Marie Casper take thee, Matthew Steven Jones
For my husband and for my own
To love, honor, and cherish you
In life and in death, I will be true
To have and to hold, for better for worse
For richer, for poorer, for blessing, for curse
In sickness and in heath we’ll never be apart
You possess my soul and hold my heart
My everything and anything you are to me
My only dream, my every fantasy
My Angel from heaven, my answered prayer
Your the smile that speaks of love and care
Your the sweetest kiss, the tears I cry
Only for you will I live and die
From this moment, forever and a day
I will love you… Come what may

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